Preference #23: Dirty Texts

Jack: "I can think of something more fun than this." "What?" "You on this table naked. Me on top of you." "Jack!" "Me slamming into you the way you like it ;)" 

Finn: "Ugh, this car ride is so boring! Finn, save me" "How about you come over here and ride me? I can’t think of anything else but how good you look when you do me." 

Dan: "Radio show is going great and everything, but I’d much rather have you right now." "Aw, baby. I miss you too :)" "Especially with my tongue whirling inside you." 

Phil: "I really miss you right now. Vacationing is great, but I’d rather have you in my bed instead of Chris." "Oh, Phil «.»" "Though, I’d like you in those pink panties you have, please?" 

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